Finding Family

Born with hydrocephalus, abandoned at birth, and given just months to live, Oggi Tomic faced a challenging beginning. Despite these adversities, twenty-seven years later, he thrives, happily married in the UK, thanks to the kindness of strangers. However, a phone call disrupts his newfound stability. His long-lost family has finally located him.


This moment, long awaited by any orphan, takes an unexpected turn. It appears that some of Oggi’s relatives may have been involved in the violence during the siege of Sarajevo. Despite this revelation, they express a desire to reconcile, except for his mother, who refuses to acknowledge him.


“Finding Family” is a compelling documentary that chronicles Oggi’s journey back to Bosnia for this extraordinary family reunion. It delves into themes of identity and belonging, weaving together over 15 years of archival footage with poignant interviews. From Cambridge to Sarajevo, Oggi retraces his past, confronting the orphanage where he was left and the hospital where he defied the odds.


Aware of the challenges ahead, Oggi braces himself for the emotional journey, drawing strength from his survival during the war. Despite the uncertainty, he remains resilient, believing he can weather any storm. “Finding Family” has received acclaim, winning 2 BAFTA Scotland New Talent Awards and reaching audiences worldwide through broadcasts on Al Jazeera.

Finding Family Poster