Dalmarnock demolitions August 2012 by Chris Leslie

Beyond The Games

Strange Field’s Artist in Residence program for 2024 has selected local photographer Chris Leslie to embark on an immersive exploration of Dalmarnock, Glasgow, over the course of the next six months. Through his lens, Leslie aims to capture the essence of the community by delving into its stories, heritage, and recent history.

Building upon his previous work spanning from 2007 to 2014, during which he documented Dalmarnock, Leslie’s current project holds special significance as it coincides with the ten-year anniversary of the 2014 Commonwealth Games. This milestone offers an opportune moment to reflect on the enduring legacy of the Games and to examine the tangible effects they’ve had on the lives of local residents.

In collaboration with the community, Leslie will engage in a participatory approach to photography, ensuring that the voices and perspectives of Dalmarnock’s residents are authentically represented in his work. By actively involving the community in the documentation process, he aims to create a comprehensive visual and audio narrative that captures the essence of Dalmarnock 10 years beyond the games.

A multimedia exhibition will take place in Dalmarnock at the 

Strangefield Gallery in July 2024

Tony holds a piece of the demolished high rise flats - Dalmarnock 2008 - Chris Leslie
Beyond the Games - Chris Leslie Dalmarnock Project Flyer