A Balkan Journey Book by Chris Leslie

A Balkan Journey Book

A Balkan Journey emerges as a multifaceted Visual Arts endeavour encompassing an exhibition, a photography book, and insightful essays, complemented by interactive global and local engagements. Through this expansive and previously unrevealed 25-year archive from the region, Chris Leslie guides us on a visual odyssey across the towns and cities of post-conflict Former Yugoslavia.

Spanning from his earliest captures in a war-torn Croatian town in 1996 to present-day Sarajevo, marked by the plight of refugees and migrants trapped in uncertainty, this collection encapsulates the essence of a tumultuous era. As 2022 commemorates the 30th anniversary of the Bosnian War’s inception, amidst ongoing ideological struggles in the region and Europe, A Balkan Journey serves as a pivotal juncture for introspection—for both the audience and the artist, Chris Leslie.

This project offers a profound glimpse into the human narratives underpinning one of the most consequential epochs in contemporary European chronicles. Collaborating with writer John McDougall, the endeavour manifested through an exhibition at SOGO Gallery in Glasgow, a comprehensive book featuring photographs accompanied by narratives, seven public engagements held across Scotland and Sarajevo, and an extensive online presence through a dedicated website and social media campaign. Notably, the book and website are enriched with Bosnian/Croatian translations, enhancing accessibility and inclusivity.

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A Balkan Journey Book