A Balkan Journey

“A Balkan Journey” represents an immersive exploration of the post-conflict landscapes of the Former Yugoslavia, meticulously documented through the lens of acclaimed photographer Chris Leslie over a period of 25 years. This ambitious Visual Arts project transcends mere exhibitionism, encompassing a comprehensive book of evocative photography and thought-provoking essays. From the haunting ruins of war-torn Croatian towns captured in Leslie’s earliest works of 1996 to the poignant portrayal of present-day Sarajevo, where the plight of refugees and migrants unfolds against a backdrop of unresolved tensions, this collection spans a remarkable 24-year archive of unseen imagery from the region.

2020 serves as a poignant milestone, marking a quarter-century since the cessation of hostilities. Yet, as Europe grapples with enduring ideological schisms, “A Balkan Journey” emerges as a poignant testament to the enduring echoes of conflict. This Visual Arts endeavor assumes a paramount role, fostering moments of introspection for both the artist and the viewing public alike. Against the backdrop of a pivotal juncture in his life and career, Chris Leslie’s oeuvre offers a profound meditation on the human narratives that underpin one of the most transformative epochs in contemporary European history.

The project extends beyond conventional exhibition spaces, manifesting in a multifaceted engagement with audiences across borders. The centrepiece, an exhibition hosted at the prestigious SOGO Gallery in Glasgow, serves as a focal point for the dissemination of Leslie’s visual chronicles. Complementing the exhibition, a meticulously curated book interweaves photographs with contextual narratives and personal anecdotes, providing a rich tapestry of insight into the human condition amidst geopolitical upheaval.

Moreover, “A Balkan Journey” transcends geographical boundaries, fostering dialogue through a series of seven public events spanning Scotland and Sarajevo. These gatherings serve as crucibles for discourse, offering platforms for reflection and exchange. In an era defined by digital connectivity, the project harnesses the power of technology, amplifying its reach through an immersive website and dynamic social media campaign.

Crucially, inclusivity lies at the heart of this endeavor, as evidenced by the incorporation of Bosnian and Croatian translations within the book and website. By embracing linguistic diversity, “A Balkan Journey” ensures that its narratives resonate with audiences across cultures, fostering a sense of universality amidst the specificity of individual experiences.

In essence, “A Balkan Journey” transcends the confines of traditional artistic expression, emerging as a seminal testament to the enduring power of visual storytelling. Through Leslie’s lens, the scars of conflict yield to moments of resilience, humanity, and hope, inviting viewers on an unforgettable odyssey through the landscapes of memory and reconciliation.

Pakrac 1996
Ljuba Gajić and her dog Jonny – Pakrac, 1996
Window on Sarajevo - 2011
Oggi Tomić, Camera Kid – Sarajevo, 1997
Majlinda - Kosovo 2005
The rebuilt National Library Obnovljena Vijećnica – Sarajevo, 2018
Snipers' view Pogled snajpera – Sarajevo, 1999
Sarajevo 1996
Oslobodjenje newspaper offices Sarajevo, 1998
Ljuba Gajić Pakrac, 1996
Sarajevo 2015
Sarajevo - 2015

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