If Glasgow’s Walls Could Talk

A Snapshot of Glasgow with Chris Leslie

This week, we have the pleasure of hosting photographer Chris Leslie, whose journey in photography commenced amidst the tumultuous backdrop of the Balkans during the 1990s. His noteworthy project, ‘Disappearing Glasgow’, unveiled in 2017, encompasses a compelling blend of evocative photographs, insightful essays, and poignant interviews with inhabitants from locales within Glasgow that have undergone profound transformations over the past decade.

Among these areas are the once-vibrant landscapes of Dalmarnock and the iconic Red Road flats. In a riveting discussion, Niall and Chris delve into the myriad changes that have swept across the cityscape, exploring the profound repercussions experienced by its residents in the wake of such rapid urban evolution.

This conversation was recorded on 2nd August 2022.


This podcast was produced by Inner Ear for Glasgow City Heritage Trust. It is kindly sponsored by the National Trust for Scotland and supported by Tunnock’s.