Iconic Artists In Iconic Places

Artist Residency / Exhibition commission as part of the NLC ‘Iconic Artists in Iconic Places’ program in 2013. Included a three screen looped projection in a specially constructed installation space.

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An  exhibition and residency that was part of a’ Year of Creative Scotland 2012’ initiative that saw Creative Scotland collaborate with Historic Scotland and Museums Galleries Scotland to devise a project that would enable artists to be inspired by museum collections, historic sites and our nation’s cultural heritage.

Funding towards artists’ residencies that demonstrated investigative, experimental and collaborative approaches to work by being given ‘behind the scenes’ access to collections and sites has enabled a vast array of creative work to be produced across Scotland during 2012 and 2013.

It has provided museums, galleries and historic places with the benefit of an artist’s perspective and insight into their collections and sites through creative processes. Here in North Lanarkshire we welcomed artist Chris Leslie to access the North Lanarkshire museum collection and to create work in response to elements they found of particular interest to them.

Chris Leslie has exhibited nationally and internationally and in this year of Celebrating Lanarkshire 2013 it is fitting that they have been able to explore and respond to elements of their own local heritage.

Exhibition Projection Film

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