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BAFTA Scotland (New Talent) Award winning Documentary Filmmaker, Photographer, Visual Artist

Chris Leslie is a BAFTA Scotland (New Talent) award winning Documentary Filmmaker, Photographer and Visual Artist located in Glasgow, Scotland.

In 2010 he gained a distinction award for a Masters in Documentary Photography course for his project – Hope, memories, loss and community – telling hidden stories of regeneration throughout Glasgow – he continues that work today with his long-term multimedia project – The Glasgow Renaissance.

He has filmed and photographed across the world for a range of NGO clients and media outlets including documenting post earthquake Haiti for CNN, Child Labourers in Nepal, and post conflict Bosnia. He has shot, directed and produced short films for a range of corporate and charity clients, including the Big Lottery Fund, British Red Cross, NYT, and Glasgow Life.

In 2014 he received two BAFTA Scotland (New Talent) awards – Best Factual and Best New Work for his first feature length documentary: Finding Family. He was also awarded a British Red Cross / SRC Media Award in the broadcast category for his short film – The Bird Man of Red Road

As a visual artist he has also exhibited photography, multimedia and social documentary projects across the UK and Europe in a range of venues from the House of Commons in London to the Barra’s Market in Glasgow. In 2012 he produced a projection of timelapse photography documenting state institutions for children in Eastern Europe that was exhibited at the European Parliament in Brussels.

In 2013 he was NLC’s Iconic Artists in Iconic Places resident artist and designed a triptych projection and exhibition at Summerlea Heritage Museum. He has been commissioned to work on several other artist residencies by Glasgow Life and Glasgow Film.


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Clients Include:



Documentary photography from across the world for a range of NGO Clients / Press and long term photography projects.

Glasgow Renaissance

  • Photography and multimedia project that documents Glasgow as it undergoes a widescale regeneration project: Amidst this ‘Glasgow Renaissance’ whole communities, housing schemes and areas are disappearing. From the demolition of Stalinist post war high rise flats, to the levelling of Dalmarnock the death of the ‘old’ is in full swing.

Visit project website – Glasgow Renaissance >


  • Portraits and Places: From New York to Nepal, from Malawi to Scotland...

Home – State Institutions

  • Long term Documentary Project: Throughout Eastern Europe and CIS over 1 million children live in institutions (orphanages). Most of these children aren't orphans but poverty and family breakdown has led to many of them being abandoned.

Numb3rs Appeal – Rwanda

  • Rwanda 2014: Photographs for a major appeal by a UK Charity documenting their work of closing state orphanages in Rwanda. Photos used across TV / Press and online.

Sarajevo – Before / After

  • 1996 - 2012: Photographing from the same area over a 10-16 year period in Sarajevo


  • SLIDESHOW: Photographs taken from the archive collection from Sarajevo 1996 - 2012


Feature length Documentary and short films directed and filmed by Chris Leslie.

Finding Family

  • Feature Length Documentary: Capturing one orphan’s extraordinary journey as he heads back to Bosnia 20 years on from the snipers and shelling in search of answers from his long lost family. Winner of two Scottish BAFTA's (New Talent) and two Golden Apples from the BHFF NYC Film Festival

The Bird Man of Red Road

  • WINNER OF THE SRC / RED CROSS MEDIA AWARD 2014: Built in 1967, the Red Road flats in Glasgow were once home to over 4500 people. Now most of the blocks have been emptied and demolition has already begun. Jamal Hamad, a failed Iraqi Kurdish asylum seeker, has lived alone in one block for several months. The demolition company are keen to move on with the demolition preparation but Jamal is refusing to move. If he does move out, he fears eviction from the UK- and if he returns to his homeland, as instructed by the UK Border Agency, he believes he will be killed- just like his parents and brothers several years ago. Living in the block alone is dangerous; but Jamal sees no other choice.


  • DOCUMENTARY CAMPAIGN FILM: Commissioned by British Red Cross and Scottish Refugee Council this short film follows the lives of 3 destitute asylum seekers over a 9 month period in Glasgow. The film was used for a nationwide campaign calling for an end to destitution of failed asylum seekers.



Combining photography with audio and/or video to create engaging short films.

Walkabout NY

  • MULTIMEDIA FILM - 4 MINS: NYC sights and sounds on a two day trek around the city

The Oatlands

  • MA Multimedia short film: documents the disappearance and rebuilding of the Oatlands housing scheme in the south of the Glasgow.

Red Road Underground

  • Multimedia Short Film: Documents the last days of Glasgow’s iconic Red Road Flats in the form of a ‘hidden’ underground bingo hall and a nautically themed bar called The Brig.


  • MULTIMEDIA - TRAILER - 2 MINUTES: Latest film project from the Glasgow Renaissance Project

Paddy’s Market

  • Multimedia short film - 11 minutes: Documents the fight to save the historic flea market in the city centre over a year long period


  • MULTIMEDIA FILM - 13 mins: Documents one woman's fight against eviction from her home in Dalmarnock, the site of the Commonwealth Games Development in Glasgow


Specialising in production of charity films - from concept, to filming and directing, to editing.


  • Clients: HHC / Brandfuel: Four minute film for the Numb3rs Campaign for Hope and Homes for Children. The appeal film focused on their orphanage closure programme in Rwanda and was used to spearhead a match funding campaign with UKAID in late 2014

Charity Films Showreel

  • CLIENTS:: Big Lottery Fund, Help The Aged, British Red Cross, Scottish Refugee Council, Lumos, Mary's Meals

Woman’s Aid

  • CLIENT: WOMANS AID: Short film based around interviews of women who have been suffered domestic abuse and how turning to Woman's Aid turned their lives around


Now your turn Glasgow Compilation

Now Your Turn Glasgow

The Art of Brewing

  • WEST Brewery: Short web based film promoting the Brewery as a unique wedding venue

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